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The Maine Summer Camp Experience

A stay at a Maine summer camp is an experience like no other. Maine’s mild summers, extensive wooded outdoor recreation areas and long-standing values and traditions have made it an ideal setting for summer camps.

Summer camps in Maine welcome campers from Florida, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and all over the United States and even other countries.

What makes Kingsley PFriends at Kingsley Pines Campines Camp the perfect summer camp for your child?

Kingsley Pines Camp is a coed sleep-away summer camp for children ages 8-16. This setting allows brothers and sisters from different age groups to attend the same camp while both get a unique summer camp experience.

Sitting along the shore of Panther Lake, Kingsley Pines Camp is in the western Maine town of Raymond. Western Maine is a quiet area known for its beautiful mountains and lakes and is one of the country’s best outdoor recreation areas.

Campers choose their own adventures at Kingsley Pines Camp. If your child enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing and swimming, we have opportunities for them. If they prefer the arts, theater, pottery, dance, painting, stained glass, woodworking or photography, there is something for them at Kingsley Pines.

At Kingsley Pines, our food is fresh, tasty, and nutritious. Our food service director makes much of our food from scratch and purchases local produce when possible. Food is served buffet style with plenty of options for everyone, even picky eaters. Campers sit at a table with their cabinmates during lunch, but they are welcome to sit with whomever they like for breakfast and dinner.

Kingsley Pines has staff available all year to answer your questions or to help you plan the summer of a lifetime for your child.

Start planning for next year. Contact Kingsley Pines Camp to learn more about scheduling your child’s 2015 summer adventure. Call us toll free at 855-799-7788 or 207-894-9030, email us at or find us online at

Oobleck Recipe – Creative Fun at Kingsley Pines

We find that at Kingsley Pines Camp, the words messy and fun go hand-in-hand. This recipe was a pretty big hit, so we thought we would pass it on. Making Oobleck is great for parties, rainy days, or even a pretty cool science project. In some ways, Oobleck is similar to slime. But it has some very strange differences. Oobleck is both a solid and a liquid! “Impossible!,” you say? Experience it for yourself.

Oobleck Recipe at Kingsley Pines Camp