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Second Annual Winter Party at Camp!

Don’t forget that the SECOND ANNUAL WINTER PARTY at Kingsley Pines Camp is on Saturday, March 7.

Kingsley Pines Winter PartyThere will be all kinds of fun winter activities like tubing and snow sculpture. The best part will be the chance to catch up with your camp friends and staff. Come dressed warmly and ready to play outside. Lunch will be served beside a roaring fire in the lodge. Feel free to invite friends who might be interested in attending Kingsley Pines, too.

We are offering bus service from the Boston area to camp. The bus will depart from the Burlington Mall, Burlington, MA at 8:30 am and return to the mall at 5:00 pm. You will need to reserve a seat ahead of time when you RSVP.

Ask your parents if you can come and have them RSVP by Friday, February 28, to Theresa at 207-894-9030 or

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2015
Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Location: Kingsley Pines
51 Coughlan Cove Road
Raymond, ME 04071

We look forward to seeing you at the Winter Party!

Will Summer Camp Help Your Child be More Successful in Adulthood?

Each generation wants to leave their children with more opportunities to be successful than they had. This may mean working harder to provide more financial stability, or caring for the environment to ensure a cleaner planet. Why not also consider preparing the next generation to better themselves?

Many evolving societal standards have been misinterpreted into being overly protective or sheltering of our children. By giving them electronic devices to play with instKinksley Pines High Ropes Courseead of encouraging outdoor, imaginative play, what will our children teach the next generation?

Not all skills that were once considered necessary are being taught with the same gusto that they were in the past. Fire building, shelter construction and survival skills are becoming less important in the minds of those not in a search and rescue field. Even something as basic as swimming lessons is often being overlooked.

Teaching a child to fish is more about the lessons that come from appreciating the world around them, spending time with others and fresh air than it is about the need to catch a fish.

For children that have been raised without the opportunity to learn these types of activities, summer camps provide the experience in a short period of time. Summer camps have been proven to help children build confidence and improve self-esteem as well as increase independence and leadership skills according to the American Camp Association.

A child that may be hesitant to participate in a ropes course in school, for fear of failing in front of his or her peers, may discover that they are more than capable of completing the course among new friends at camp.

Of course, no one thing will make a child grow up to be a doctor, lawyer or CEO of a large corporation, but when given the chance to learn and succeed and discover a new part of themselves, children can accomplish incredible things.

Enroll your child for a summer of memories and fun now!

Call Kingsley Pines Camp in Raymond, Maine toll free at 855-799-7788 or 207-894-9030, email us at, or find us online at We can answer any questions you might have, schedule a tour of our camp and assist you in registering your child for camp.

A Winter Walk at Camp

The sun was out and there was a little break in the snow for a beautiful afternoon walk at camp. I thought everyone would enjoy seeing some of the common landmarks at camp in the snow! We have received over 3 feet of snow in the past couple of weeks. The new siding and windows on our winter office Nubblewood has made the old house much warmer this winter. This office is Kingsley Pines Camp in winteracross the street from the camp road.

I also got to stop in to the boys new cabin Tuckerman and see it’s progress. The windows are in and this will have a new bunk design with hanging beds against the wall so there will be a lot more open space in the center of the cabin. I also stopped by the Health Center which is also getting new windows and walls. My walk ended up at the “beach” and I got to walk on the frozen swamp using a snowmobile trial. Campers will be able to try this themselves when they come to the Winter Party on March 7, 2015.

What Kind of Summer Camp Activities Will my Child Participate in at Kingsley Pines?

At Kingsley Pines Camp, our staff, campers and parents all know that there is never a shortage of exciting new activities and things to do. We are proud to offer something for everyone from arts and crafts to sailing, woodworking to soccer and so much more!

WiTwo Boys Woodworking at Kingsley Pines Campll this be your child’s first year attending summer camp? There is nothing like the first year of camp for a child. It’s very common for new incoming campers to be a bit nervous, but this feeling quickly passes once they learn how easy it is to make new friends and how many fun activities there are to try.

Is your child interested in the arts? Our photography, theater and music programs are just a few of the opportunities they’ll have to be creative.

Ceramics at Kingsley Pines Camp
Does your child enjoy sports? We have baseball, flag football, soccer and many other athletic programs to keep them busy.

While Kingsley Pines Camp offers programs and activities for all interests, we also encourage our campers and staff to try new things. Summer camp is a place to learn and to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s a place where new experiences are had and lifelong memories and bonds are forged.

We can’t wait to see what new activities your child likes to participate in. Enroll your child for a summer of memories and fun now!

Call Kingsley Pines Camp in Raymond, Maine toll free at 855-799-7788 or 207-894-9030, email us at, or find us online at We can answer any questions you might have, schedule a tour of our camp and assist you in registering your child for camp.