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Campers Gain Confidence and Independence – Survey Results 2016

We always knew campers had an incredible experience at Kingsley Pines, and now we have the numbers to back it up! At the end of each session we give campers a survey asking them to give us feedback on their time at camp, and this year a whopping 75% of kids rated their experience a 5 out of 5. 96% of campers rated their experience a 4 or 5 out of 5.

“The friends you make here are real friends and this is the place where the best summers happen,” said one camper. The people you meet at camp was far and away the top answer about what kids liked most about camp. Activities was next on the list of favorite things about camp, and the favorite activity across each session was waterskiing and wakeboarding. Sailing and archery were consistently mentioned as well.

75% of campers say they have changed since the beginning of camp. “I have learned a lot about myself and how to make friends and be the best person I can be,” said one camper. More confidence, independence and maturity were frequently mentioned as ways campers have changed. One of the goals we set for staff is “Camp is a life changing experience, where campers learn things about themselves they didn’t know when they arrived – Independence, Responsibility, Group living skills, New activity skills, Decision making skills “ These numbers prove we are making great strides to achieve this and other goals.

Adventure Day, with trips for rafting, sailing and the beach is the one special day that was repeated across each session, and for good reason as it was the most popular special day of the summer. In session 1 a close runner up was the 4th of July special day, in session 2 it was the KP Olympics Day put on by the Teen Leaders. Session 3 saw A Journey Through Time narrowly edge Disney Day as the next most popular special day.

Numbers will never be able to tell the whole story about a child’s experience at camp, but we take pride knowing the impact we see each summer is confirmed by statistics. Each child’s experience at camp is different, but in many ways this quote sums up the experience for so many. “At the beginning I was homesick and now I’ve had fun and am sad to leave.”