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First Look at the Kingsley Pines Camp Staff for 2017

Camp staff teaching volleyball at Kingsley PinesOur Program Director, Dan Emmons, has been busy hiring staff for the upcoming summer. Finding the right people is a big task, and Dan is up for the challenge. He knows having an amazing camp staff makes all the difference.

As usual, we have a mix of returning and new staff, from all over the USA as well as several foreign countries. We are excited that all of them will be joining us this summer.

Check out the current list of camp staff for summer 2017 below (Updated 05/2/17)

Alex Bullard
Andrew Gallagher
Angela Prior
Anna Glass
Annie Gordon
Austin Smith
Bambi Heckford
Ben Baden
Cam Kohs
Cameron O’Doherty
Carly Jones
Ciaran Fennelly
Conor Little
Dani Jones
Dori Ecsedi
Emma Henderson
Haley Jennings
Hannah Novak
Jack Mills
Jameson Hall
Janie Sieben
Jon Brown
Katie O’Leary
Lily Esposito
Lizzie Rees Gara
Lucy Brown
Luis Ventura
Mark McIlwaine
Marshall Vosler
Marty Martin
Matt Graham
Megan Taylor
Michelle Kim
Molly Atkinson
Moody Apuzzo
Naomi Cox
Ross Hamilton
Ruby Edlin
Sam Grouse
Sara Andersen
Sarah Malks
Sharkey Shirkey
Simone Snashall
Steve Platt
Suz Phillips
Teal Otley
Teke Sieben
Zoey Millership

Adrienn Palinkas – Prep Assistant
Al Richards – Girls Campus Head
Ally Martinez – Nurse Assistant
Aracely Torres – Prep Assistant
Ari Zimmet – Art Director
Austin Mills – Videographer
Brittany Avenson – Waterfront Director
Derek Smith – Trip Director
Griffin Davey – Dining Hall Supervisor/Awards Coordinator
Ian Root – Food Service Director
Jack Feighery – Teen Leadership Counselor
Jake Grass – Sous Chef
Jamie DeMotts – Multimedia Editor
Jim Dinsmore – Breakfast Chef
Jonathan Swartout – Teen Leadership Director
Katie Fitch – Nurse Assistant
Kenny Coles – Adventure Director
Kiersten Clark – Photographer
Lalo Ricardo – Prep Assistant
Leanne Yunng – Nurse
Logan Mutz – Boys Campus Head
Lucy Diaz – Prep Assistant
Luke Schindler – Assistant Program Director for Logistics
Natalie Koflerova – Prep Assistant
Nathan Adams – Assistant Waterfront Director
Nora Novak – Prep Assistant
Peppa Pepper – Teen Leadership Counselor
Rebecca Purcel – Nurse
Sarah Shimer – Waterski Director
Stephanee Bridges – Assistant to the Director
Uriel Fernandez – Prep Assistant
Zack Smith – Assistant Program Director for Planning
Zuzanna Madajczyk – Prep Assistant