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First Look at the Kingsley Pines Camp Staff for 2017

Camp staff teaching volleyball at Kingsley PinesOur Program Director, Dan Emmons, has been busy hiring staff for the upcoming summer. Finding the right people is a big task, and Dan is up for the challenge. He knows having an amazing camp staff makes all the difference.

As usual, we have a mix of returning and new staff, from all over the USA as well as several foreign countries. We are excited that all of them will be joining us this summer.

Check out the current list of camp staff for summer 2017 below (Updated 05/2/17)

Alex Bullard
Andrew Gallagher
Angela Prior
Anna Glass
Annie Gordon
Austin Smith
Bambi Heckford
Ben Baden
Cam Kohs
Cameron O’Doherty
Carly Jones
Ciaran Fennelly
Conor Little
Dani Jones
Dori Ecsedi
Emma Henderson
Haley Jennings
Hannah Novak
Jack Mills
Jameson Hall
Janie Sieben
Jon Brown
Katie O’Leary
Lily Esposito
Lizzie Rees Gara
Lucy Brown
Luis Ventura
Mark McIlwaine
Marshall Vosler
Marty Martin
Matt Graham
Megan Taylor
Michelle Kim
Molly Atkinson
Moody Apuzzo
Naomi Cox
Ross Hamilton
Ruby Edlin
Sam Grouse
Sara Andersen
Sarah Malks
Sharkey Shirkey
Simone Snashall
Steve Platt
Suz Phillips
Teal Otley
Teke Sieben
Zoey Millership

Adrienn Palinkas – Prep Assistant
Al Richards – Girls Campus Head
Ally Martinez – Nurse Assistant
Aracely Torres – Prep Assistant
Ari Zimmet – Art Director
Austin Mills – Videographer
Brittany Avenson – Waterfront Director
Derek Smith – Trip Director
Griffin Davey – Dining Hall Supervisor/Awards Coordinator
Ian Root – Food Service Director
Jack Feighery – Teen Leadership Counselor
Jake Grass – Sous Chef
Jamie DeMotts – Multimedia Editor
Jim Dinsmore – Breakfast Chef
Jonathan Swartout – Teen Leadership Director
Katie Fitch – Nurse Assistant
Kenny Coles – Adventure Director
Kiersten Clark – Photographer
Lalo Ricardo – Prep Assistant
Leanne Yunng – Nurse
Logan Mutz – Boys Campus Head
Lucy Diaz – Prep Assistant
Luke Schindler – Assistant Program Director for Logistics
Natalie Koflerova – Prep Assistant
Nathan Adams – Assistant Waterfront Director
Nora Novak – Prep Assistant
Peppa Pepper – Teen Leadership Counselor
Rebecca Purcel – Nurse
Sarah Shimer – Waterski Director
Stephanee Bridges – Assistant to the Director
Uriel Fernandez – Prep Assistant
Zack Smith – Assistant Program Director for Planning
Zuzanna Madajczyk – Prep Assistant

See Who’s Registered for Family Camp


Camp doesn’t have to be only for kids. During Family Camp, kids and adults can experience the fun and relaxation of camp together. We are excited to have a great mix of families who have been with us for many years, and also families who will be experiencing Kingsley Pines for the first time.

See the full list below, and to learn more about bringing your family to camp click here.

Bao Family
Berry Family
Bowman Family
Brown Family
Buxbaum Family
Cafini Family
Caisse Family
Caldwell Family
Cannon Family
Chou Family
Conway Family
Cook Family
Coughlan Family
DellaPietra/Amonson Family
Den Besten Family
Despres Family
Doherty Family
Ensdorf/Shea Family
Ferentz Family
Gallagher Family
Gayron Family
Gillespie Family
Higgins Family
Jones/Buxbaum Family
Kantor Family
Kreitler Famiy
Kuechle Family
Lassman/Damico Family
Leibowitz Family
Lisi Family
Loberg Family
McGlamery Family
Nash Family
Neidecker Family
O’Meara Family
Patterson/Mirabella Family
Rennich/Williams Family
Rice Family
Rocha/Bruner Family
Rodriguez-Vina/Pertusa Family
Rothman Family
Schneider/Jende Family
Scotto Family
Snyder/Flowers Family
Stein/Miller Family
Stern/MacQuarrie Family
Subelsky/Wexler Family
Taudvin Family
Taylor Family
True Family
Wiginton/Costello Family
Wronski/Lau Family
Wu Family
Zheng/Chan Family


KP Winter Parties 2016

Kingsley Pines is hitting the road for the 2016 Winter Parties, and also inviting you to come see us! Each party is a little different, but all will offer a great chance to see camp friends and staff, talk about all the fun you had last summer and get excited for next summer. Food will be provided at each party. You are welcome to bring any friends who would like to learn more about Kingsley Pines. The Winter Party at Camp will include transportation from Boston.

The dates and times below. We hope you will join us for one of the Winter Parties. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to

Winter Party 2015_3398 croppedNew York
Date: Jan 30
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Location: Bowlmore Lanes, Time Square
222 W. 44th Street
New York, New York USA 10036

Date: Feb 27
Time: 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Location: Glacier Ice and Snow
4601 N Federal Hwy
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064

Date: Feb 28
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Location: Pin Chasers Midtown
4847 N Armenia Ave
Tampa, FL 33603


Date: March 5
Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Location: Kingsley Pines
51 Coughlan Cove Rd
Raymond, ME 04071


Learn what our staff do in the winter!

We have an amazing and talented staff, and they do lots of cool and interesting things in the off season. We wanted to give you a peak into their non-camp lives, so we made a series of mini profiles about some of our awesome counselors!


Meebz is currently living in Running Springs, California working as a Program Instructor for Pali Institute. She teaches a full science curriculum with over 30 different science and outdoor education based classes. She is also a part of their leadership and team building program where she works on the high ropes courses and creates personalized team building classes for students ranging from 3rd to 11th grade. This will be Meebz’s 7th summer at KP and she will be the Girl’s Campus Head.

angela 2

Angela lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and teaches dance and theatre to children ages 3-19. She resides as the Acting Coach at Temple Music Studios where she also assistant directs and choreographs their shows. She is currently working on Beauty and the Beast JR. Angela is a performer herself and most recently played Peggy Sawyer in the tap dancing musical, 42nd Street. This will be Angela’s second summer at KP as the Theatre Director.


Logan lives in Tuscon, Arizona and worked as a child care worker and mentor in a group home for dependent youth. In January, he took one of the kids down to Orlando, Florida where they both competed in the Disney World Half Marathon after training for three months. In his free time, Logan plays in the Tucson Ultimate Frisbee League and volunteers/performs at Odyssey Storytelling, a storytelling group based in downtown Tucson. This will be Logan’s fourth summer at KP, and he is the Assistant Program Director for Logistics.


Stephanie graduated this month from Elon University in North Carolina. She recently was student teaching in a high school math class, and in the fall she will be teaching high school math in Virginia. This year she has traveled to Ireland and Italy, and she plans on going to Peru at the end of the year. Stephanie is so excited to be returning for her third year as a drama instructor.


The Countdown to Summer Camp Has Begun! Are You Ready?

Friends 3

It was starting to feel like winter would never release its icy grip on New England, but April is here is and sure enough, the countdown to summer camp has begun.

Our staff is busy preparing Kingsley Pines Camp for another exciting year of fun adventures and memory making, and we hope you’re ready to join us.

With less than three months until summer camp begins, here are a few things you can do to make sure you and your child are ready.

Research your summer camp and enroll

This first step is perhaps the most important for first time campers as it allows the camper and the family to learn about the daily routine, activities and culture of the camp the child will be attending to see if it will be a good match. Be sure to enroll early, as waiting until the last minute can limit a child’s options or even prevent them from being able to attend. We want every child to get to experience a summer at Kingsley Pines, so start planning now if you haven’t already.

Plan and pack

Depending on how long your child is attending camp will determine what they’ll need to bring to camp. Sit down with your child a few weeks in advance and make a list. While it’s important to make sure they have the essentials like plenty of socks, sunscreen and toothpaste, it’s also wise to bring a few comforts of home like photographs of family or a favorite stuffed animal.

Get excited!

Summer camp is a special event that only happens once a year but provides enough memories for the rest of the year. Taking time to find answers to questions you and your child might have will better prepare you both for the child’s time away from home.

Feel free to contact Kingsley Pines with any questions at (Toll Free) 855-799-7788 or 207-894-9030, or visit us online at

Enroll your child for a summer of memories and fun now!

Call Kingsley Pines Camp in Raymond, Maine toll free at 855-799-7788 or 207-894-9030, email us at, or find us online at We can answer any questions you might have, schedule a tour of our camp and assist you in registering your child for camp.

Take the Entire Family to Kingsley Pines Family Camp

Asherman Family

It has become more difficult for families to find time to spend with each other these days. With more and more after school and extracurricular activities, children often have schedules that rival many adults, and that doesn’t leave a lot of unstructured bonding time.

Kingsley Pines Camp offers a powerful solution in our Family Camp. This camp allows families to unplug and enjoy quality, unscheduled time with each other. So what makes family summer camp so different from any other camping trip?

The fun is limitless

Families have access to all of our wonderful facilities, resources and staff, taking the work out of planning activities or having to pack your own canoe. We have it all right on site ready for you to enjoy.

No need to worry about food

Our dining staff will take care of your meals so you can focus on more important things like the family volleyball tournament or a relaxing kayak paddle across beautiful Panther Lake.

Free time for adults and children

Everyone likes a little time away to relax and be themselves. Our staff will give children a chance to participate in activities independently while the adults get to kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet, or interact with other adults.

Family summer camp at Kingsley Pines Camp in Maine provides an amazing opportunity for families to leave technology behind and reconnect with the great outdoors.

Enroll today for a summer of memories and fun now!

Call Kingsley Pines Camp in Raymond, Maine toll free at 855-799-7788 or 207-894-9030, email us at, or find us online at We can answer any questions you might have, schedule a tour of our camp and assist you in registering your child for camp.

KP Presents Innovative Staff Training Program at ACA Conference

photo 1Director Alan Kissack and Staff Trainer Katie Miesle presented at the American Camping Association’s New England Conference last weekend. Their presentation was titled “Make Camp a Life Changing Experience for Staff, Too.” They focused on how utilizing 21st century skills (collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity) can benefit not only the staff, but the entire camp community. Katie’s company Oustanding Team works with camps, schools and corporations on fostering community, mentoring leaders, and empowering staff. She has been a part of the Kingsley Pines community for 15 years, first as Program Director, and more recently as a Staff Trainer and Adventure Director during Family Camp. Congrats to Alan and Katie on a successful presentation!

What Are The Benefits of a Non-competitive Summer Camp?


When you sit down to talk about summer camp with your child, are they excited or hesitant about whether they will fit in? These are both common emotions for children, especially if this is their first year at summer camp.

Concerns over meeting new people, being away from home, and over-competitiveness are all normal for children. With thousands of summer camps across the United States, the range from competitive to non-competitive is broad.

Kingsley Pines is a non-competitive summer camp where everyone gets a chance to participate in all camp events and activities. Our campers are offered an extensive list of activity options, while also being given plenty of free time to relax and hang out with their friends.

For many of our campers, whether they are from Maine or out-of-state, summer camp is a unique opportunity for children to make friends, try new things and gain confidence in themselves. It’s an environment for children to grow physically, mentally and emotionally and we believe this is best accomplished in a welcoming, positive and non-competitive atmosphere.

By remaining non-competitive, we encourage all campers to step outside their comfort zone with other similar campers. Trying a new art, craft or sport with a positive support network can lead to success, enjoyment and more participation in the future.

“Becoming skilled in a particular activity can promote participation and increase enjoyment,” according to University of Pittsburgh Men’s Soccer Coach & PhD, Joseph Luxbacher. “Sports such as swimming, tennis, soccer, and golf can provide regular physical activity for a lifetime.”

Our goal at Kingsley Pines Camp is to help campers discover new things that will shape them into open-minded adults down the road.

Enroll your child for a summer of memories and fun now!

Call Kingsley Pines Camp in Raymond, Maine toll free at 855-799-7788 or 207-894-9030, email us at, or find us online at We can answer any questions you might have, schedule a tour of our camp and assist you in registering your child for camp.

Kingsley Pines Featured in L.L. Bean Catalog

L.L. Bean has been coming to Kingsley Pines or more than ten years to use our setting to feature their clothes in the L.L. Bean Kids catalogs. We have been featured once again in the 2015 Spring Kids Catalog!

There are shots from the lodge lawn, tennis courts, Inspiration Point, and the waterfront. Check out the whole catalog, and see if you can spot all of the pictures taken at camp!

LL Bean Kids catalog at Kingsley Pines Camp

Snow Filled Fun at the Winter Party at Camp

It was another sunny day on Panther Lake last weekend and it almost felt like summer, but instead of swimming in the lake, we were playing hockey on it!

The second annual winter party at camp allowed campers a chance to Kingsley Pines Winter Party Sleddingsee a different side of Kingsley Pines. Two awesome luge runs built up in the snow were the highlight of the day. Campers slid down on tubes, sleds, and a few brave souls even slid down on their stomachs. Campers also got a chance to play hockey, and showed off their artistic skills by using snow paint. We had a great lunch in the lodge, and even had s’mores for dessert.

Thanks to all who came. Check out more photos of all the fun we had, and see what camp looks like in the winter here.

Winter Party at Kingsley Pines