The Camp-Sick Book


The transition from camp to home is significantly more difficult than the transition from home to camp. You become so used to living in a carefree environment that is separate from the outside world, that the process of changing back is difficult. Whether it’s your first or last year as a camper, there’s no avoiding camp-sickness. Remember, camp-sickness is a feeling that everyone experiences, but no one should have to go through it alone.

For my Sachem project, I have created a handbook on how to deal with the feeling of missing camp and how to keep camp with you forever. Even though I have been attending Kingsley Pines for nine years now, I still experience camp-sickness. Every year becomes more difficult than the last, and never having healthy coping skills to pull through. Now, others do not have to go through it alone and un-guided like I did.

Here is the guide on how to cope with camp-sickness...

Abbie Langalis
Kingsley Pines Camper 2009 - 2017