At Kingsley Pines we offer an array of exciting activities second to none! Our campers have the opportunity to expand their horizons and try new things in a safe and encouraging environment. We let kids grow in a non-competitive environment that builds teamwork and having fun while trying something new. Kids also get to choose their own activities throughout the day and the session, which sparks creativity and builds independence.


Our waterfront activities take place on Panther Lake, a pristine 1x5-mile lake. We offer all the old favorites such as sailing, canoeing and swimming and exciting new activities such as wakeboarding, water trampoline and a 14 ft. floating climbing tower! There’s something for everyone, no matter your child’s ability in the water, and of course, we adhere to the strictest safety guidelines.


Although there are lots of strenuous activities and sports at Kingsley Pines, we are well-rounded with many artistic pursuits! Your budding artist can try ceramics and photography, while the usually sports-only child can branch out with dance and ukulele. Yes, ukulele!


The joy of Kingsley Pines is allowing kids to try high-adrenaline outdoor adventures such as zip-lining, ropes courses and white-water rafting, in a completely safe environment – your child can try new things and take safe risks to stretch their imaginations.


We have all the traditional sports activities that your child likely plays at home and we round it out with diverse sports such as fencing, golf and yoga. Fun activities for every appetite!
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