A summer at Kingsley Pines Camp is like no other experience. There are more than 200 campers and staff living together in an encouraging, supportive community. It's a special place to:

  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Make friends that will last for a lifetime
  • Be yourself - away from the pressures of school
  • Try new things in a supportive atmosphere
“ make friends that WILL last a lifetime. Some from places far away like France, London, and Spain. You meet amazing counselors that change your life forever. They help you to be yourself and never give up. They help you problem-solve and strategize. They help you to make new friends and most of all enjoy your time here at camp.
(T.F., Camper)

"My favorite camp memory was when i met a lot of great girls in my cabin Belgrade and 3 of them were from Spain and 1 was from Canada. They were all super funny and friendly girls. Thank you KP for making me meet friends from around the world!"
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