Evening Activities

At Kingsley Pines Camp, we have a wide range of evening programs. Several examples of these may include: Carnivals, Casino Nights, The Amazing Race, KP Olympics, Luaus, Life and Death in the Forest, Game Shows, and more!  Watch Video
We also have some evening programs that we offer regularly during the summer:

X-Games (Kingsley Pines Style!)

High-energy, fast-paced, crazy, messy fun! Some of our X-Games activities involve shaving cream, foam, artificial Jell-O, mud, flour and of course lots of water! Watch Video


S'mores, skits & songs! The perfect combination and a camper favorite!

Cabin Night

On Cabin Night, cabins get to choose their own evening activity. Some choose to do calm things like a spa night, a luau on the beach, or frog hunting... while other cabins choose to do crazy things like ninja training, secret missions, or having a massive water fight.


Great music, flashing lights, and some awesome dance moves! Don't worry. If dancing is not your thing, lots of campers enjoy hanging out and socializing or playing games on the Common Field.


This evening program is a time for campers to reflect back on their experience at camp and assess what it has meant to them. We invite volunteers to express themselves on-stage, either solo or as part of a group by choosing or writing a song, poem, short story or piece of music relating to this theme to perform on-stage. Watch Video

Council Fire

This weekly ritual is a time of recognition for camper achievements. Campers are publicly commended by counselors for the positive behaviors, good character and citizenship that they have shown during the week. Next: Older Campers