Older Campers

Who is considered an Older Camper?

Campers that are entering 9th grade or above in the fall.

What are the benefits of being an Older Camper?

Older Campers are permitted more independence and opportunities socialize

We recognize that 8 year olds have different interests than 15 year olds. So on special days and for some evening programs, we assign different, more age appropriate activities for the Older Campers. Past examples of this have been holding a Trivia Night, an Older Camper Lounge Night or Casino Night for them.

They have an Older Camper Option that they can choose to do for 5th Period. This option allows them to hang out in their cabin area. They are able to have some extra down time to socialize with other older campers, read, take a nap, or shower.

Older Campers get to go on an outing once a week.

What are Older Camper Outings?

Once a week, we take them to do a fun, social activity outside of camp. This is a big deal to our campers and they love having unstructured time to hang out with each other and enjoy some normal teenage pastimes.

Outings rotate every year, however, some things that we have done include:

  • Bowling
  • Attending a Sea Dogs Baseball Game
  • Summer Tubing
  • Mini-Golfing
  • And More!
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