Special Days

What are Special Days?

Special Days are awesome! A special day is NOT your normal day at camp. Special days have themes, for example: Rock Star Day, Pirate Day and Medieval Day. We change the themes every year, although occasionally we may repeat one if it is very popular. Our counselors really get into dressing up and we normally start out the morning with a crazy skit at breakfast.

So what kinds of activities do you do?

Special days are great opportunities to play large all-camp group games like Gold Rush, Battle for the Sahara (a massive water fight!), The Amazing Race, Life and Death in the Forest, and of course, everyone's favorite- CAPTURE THE FLAG!

We also do things such as scavenger hunts, clue games, game shows, canoe wars, giant volleyball, foam noodle jousting, rolling downhill inside a stack of inner tubes, blanket drag races, slip 'n slide, cardboard raft building, various craft projects and much more!

When planning activities, we recognize that 10 year olds and 15 year olds do not always have the same interests. Campers that are entering 9th grade or above in the fall are sometimes assigned to different activities.

Do we get to dress up?

YES! We love to dress up and get into the spirit of the day! But you don't need to bring anything with you to do this. On days that we would like to encourage campers to dress-up, we will supply face paint and materials to make a great costume. But if you do have some weird or goofy dress up items at home, it never hurts to bring them.

What is Adventure Day?

Once every session, we have a day where we send campers whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River, sailing on schooner in Casco Bay or to the ocean beach in Cape Elizabeth. To go whitewater rafting, campers must be entering 7th grade or above in the fall. Any camper may go on the schooner or to the beach. Next: Evening Activities