Teen Leadership Program

The Teen Leadership Program is crafted specifically for teenagers entering 11th or 12th grade in the fall. This program is separate from our regular camp experience.

Why Our Program is Unique

The Teen Leadership Program prepares teens for the challenging transition to adulthood. They are provided with a substantial amount of independence and all of the decision-making that goes with it. Our program teaches teens the fundamental skills they need to thrive in the workforce, while away at school, and as leaders in their communities. View Teen Leader Video

Teens receive constant feedback and coaching. We teach them how to find the correct solution by permitting them to make their own choices and then assess the outcomes of those choices. Additionally, everyone has a chance to lead and each participant take turns leading their peers.

Unlike a counselor-in-training program, our teens are not put directly in charge of campers and the purpose of our program is not to prepare them to be counselors. The Teen Leadership Program is a comprehensive and complete experience which provides teens with the tools they need to obtain success in college and beyond.

Our Program is Based on Developing 3 Core Skills

Judgment: Teens are given opportunities to make decisions for themselves and to learn how to assess risk. They gain insight into how their actions influence or contribute to how others perceive them.

Self-Awareness: They are taught the impact of attitude, tone of voice, inclusiveness, and social skills on their relationships with others. Teens learn to form positive relationships, find balance within the group, and work together effectively as a team.

Teaching & Facilitating: Teens learn different strategies on how to manage and lead groups. They practice leading activities for each other and gradually build on these skills by helping to teach camp activities, leading 5th periods, and ultimately planning and leading a special day for the entire camp. Teens practice public speaking, learn how to get a group's attention, thoughtfully consider logistics and resource allocation, adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and assess what worked and what they could have improved.
More about the core skills

The Three-Week Program Includes:

  • A week-long camping trip, in Acadia National Park, to help the group get to know each other and to begin working on our three core skills. Teen Leaders take on the responsibility of planning and cooking their own meals in addition to making other important decisions pertaining to the trip and daily activities.
  • Service learning projects that not only contribute to the community, but allow the Teen Leaders to apply new skills while having a great time. We find that these projects bring the group together and help introduce them to the work environment. These may qualify as your high school community service hours as well. Some examples in the past include planting trees, building trails, and removing invasive species.
  • Creating a special day for camp including organizing, implementing, and running the entire program. View Example
  • There will also be day trips and evening outings, which may include beach trips, baseball games, whale watching, and deep-sea fishing.