Director, Owners, & Founders


Alan Kissack has been Director of Kingsley Pines Camp since 1996. His passion for camp and for the kids shows in every aspect of Kingsley Pines – his connection with the campers is infectious and it breeds a culture of acceptance and positivity that trickles down from Alan, through the amazing counselors, and creates an environment where kids want to be. His commitment to camp and to the people in his care make the Kingsley Pines experience the best it can be.

Prior to Kingsley Pines, Alan was the Director of a Maine YMCA Camp. Alan also served as the Director of the Bangor YMCA's school-age childcare program and youth & teen programs in 1991-1995. He has been working with children since graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1985. Before that, starting at age 11, he was a camper, junior counselor, counselor and program director at a boys’ camp in Maine.

Alan lives with his wife Christine and their cat Jack, in Cumberland, Maine. You contact him at or 207-894-9030.


Kingsley Pines is in its second generation of family ownership, with sons Devon, Carter and Drew having taken over the operations of Camp. 

Devon Coughlan has been involved with Kingsley Pines since its inception in 1984 and lives with his family on Camp property during the summer months. Devon's wife Leslie is a nurse practitioner and is involved with health care at camp. In the winter, Devon and Leslie live in Boynton Beach, Florida with their two children, current campers Kelly and Holly. When not occupied with Camp, Devon, an attorney, works as a mediator. 

Carter Coughlan was both a camper and counselor at Kingsley Pines. Today, in addition to his work at camp, he is a Captain for Delta Connection. Carter's wife Beth is a registered nurse and is also part of our health care team at camp. They have two children, Sean and Ally, both graduates of Camp's Teen Leadership Program. They live in nearby Kennebunk, Maine. 

Drew Taylor, Joyce's son, has been a camper, counselor, campus head, and is currently the Director of Marketing, Facilities and Events at Camp. Drew's wife Lisa has worked for many years in the hospitality industry and assists with the off-season weddings and conference events held at Kingsley Pines. Their young son Timmy and baby daughter Brooke love spending their summers at Camp! Drew and Lisa live right down the road from Camp in Raymond, Maine.


Pat and Joyce Coughlan are the founders of Kingsley Pines Camp. They live in the center of camp and enjoy the interaction they have with campers and staff. Attending camp as a child was a life-changing experience for Pat, and had a greater impact on his development than high school, college, or law school. He credits camp with giving him self-confidence, determination, and balance in his life. Pat feels that founding Kingsley Pines is his way of giving back. 
Joyce has a masters degree in education and has taught children and adults in the United States and abroad. Her philosophy is that all children who develop a positive self image and gain self confidence in the own unique abilities will succeed. This has been a cornerstone of the development of Kingsley Pines and its goal for each of our campers. Visit Kingsley Pines Founders' Website Next: Facilities