How will my child get to camp?
If you live within driving distance, you can bring your child to camp by car. Kingsley Pines is a 40-minute drive from Portland, Maine. Click here for directions.

Campers coming from greater distances often fly. We provide transportation to and from the Portland Jetport (Portland, ME), and Logan Airport (Boston, MA). For Sessions 1 and 2, we offer staff chaperoned flights from Palm Beach International Airport in Palm Beach, Florida. For Session 1, we offer staff chaperoned flights from the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers. There is an additional fee for these services.
What are the cabins like?
All cabins have bunk beds, electricity, and screens. Many have their own bathrooms. Our smaller cabins house 1 counselor and 3 campers. Our larger cabins have 2-3 counselors and 8-10 campers. For those cabins without a bathroom, there are several central bathhouses with hot and cold running water, sinks, toilets, and individual shower stalls. Learn more.
What safety measures do you take at the waterfront?
We have over 25 lifeguards at Kingsley Pines. One or more lifeguard monitors every waterfront activity. During designated swim times, we use a combination of the buddy system and the buddy board. During staff orientation, lifeguards are trained in a variety of swimming and boating rescue skills. Campers must wear lifejackets when participating in boating activities.
What is the weekly schedule?
Each week there are five regular activity days and two special days. On regular activity days, there are five activity periods. For the first four periods, each child chooses his/her activities for the week. The fifth period is a daily choice and is made before lunch each day. The fifth period involves many different activities and taps into the special talents of our counselors. Two days each week are Special Days, where we take a break from the regular daily schedule. Events include Pirate Day, 4th of July, Beach Trip, White Water Rafting, Renaissance Festival, etc.
Is my child required to have a certain swimming ability?
Each campers swimming ability will be evaluated on the opening day of a session. To participate in canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and windsurfing, a camper must complete or test out of Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 3. Campers are required to take swimming lessons until they complete or test out of Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 4. Click Here to see the requirements for levels 3 and 4.
Is Kingsley Pines an accredited camp?
Kingsley Pines is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This means that Kingsley Pines submitted to a thorough (250 standards) review of its operation by the ACA, from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. The ACA collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices at Kingsley Pines reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. At Kingsley Pines, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety.
How will my child choose activities?
On the first night of camp, each camper will learn about all the activities. He/She then selects activities for periods 1-4, with the guidance of his/her cabin counselor. At the end of the week, he/she gets to choose again for the next week.
What sort of medical facilities do you have?
Our Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day by one of our registered nurses. They give prescribed medications and provide routine medical care. A local doctor is available for consultation and to provide additional treatment. If needed, an ambulance and paramedics are just two miles away. The local hospital is Maine Medical Center, the largest hospital in Maine. It is 26 miles away in Portland.
Can I visit my child at camp?
Parents may visit at any time. There is no designated visiting day.
Is the lake water cold?
The water temperature is 75 - 80 degrees in the summer. We have an expansive sand beach and a sandy swimming area. The water is crystal clear. On a sunny day, you can easily see to a depth of 20 feet or more.
Do any activities have age restrictions?
The regular daily activities are open to all ages, with three exceptions. To participate in rock climbing and high ropes, campers must be age 10 or older. For stained glass, campers must be age 12 or older.
Does Kingsley Pines have any religious affiliation?
Religion is not a part of our program. There are no religious services held at camp and children of many faiths choose Kingsley Pines.
If my child attends Session 3, will he/she be at camp with children that have already been there for 6 weeks?
Definitely not! Most families choose Kingsley Pines because we have shorter sessions. 96% of the campers are enrolled only for one session.
Where do the campers come from?
Many are from the East Coast, but we have campers from all over the US and several foreign countries.
Are there any wilderness camping and adventure trips?
We offer a variety of camping trips. Activities include backpacking, kayaking (ocean & white water), rock climbing, white water rafting, and canoeing. They range in duration from one day to three days and two nights.
How are the boys and girls grouped?
Boys and girls have separate campuses, cabins and bathrooms, but all activities are coed.
How can I communicate with my child?
Parents can send email, faxes, and letters to their children. Children can send letters home and are encouraged to do so.

We cannot accept phone calls for campers. If any family needs to contact camp or their child because of a personal emergency, we can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Telephone calls are a challenging issue. We recognize, that as loving and caring parents, you miss your children, but telephone calls are counter-productive to the camp experience. One of the major benefits of camp attendance is for your child to gain independence. This can only happen when there is some separation between parent and child. The ability to maintain constant contact with your child will inhibit this. Also, the camp has a limited number of phone lines and we must keep them available for business and emergency use.
Are activities separated by age group?
Generally, campers are not separated by age, There are times when campers are separated by age for certain activities and special events.
What is the activity instruction like?
All our activities are taught by instructors who have both skill and knowledge in the activity. They create lesson plans and provide instruction for beginners as well as those campers with previous experience.
What activities are there for older campers?
At Kingsley Pines, older campers are those boys and girls who are entering 9th, 10th and 11th grade in the fall. There are alternate Evening Activities and Special Days for this group. Click here to learn more.
How are campers assigned to cabins?
Children are grouped in cabins by school grade. There is an appropriate mix of both new and former campers in each cabin. Campers may request to be in the same cabin with a friend.
Is there any required clothing?
We feel that going to camp should not involve the unnecessary expense of an entire new wardrobe. The required clothing for Kingsley Pines is minimal and mainly for special events and safety. Campers are required to purchase or bring from a previous year, three Kingsley Pines red T-shirts (two for two-week campers), and a Kingsley Pines red sweatshirt (hooded or crew). One piece bathing suits are required for girls (tankinis do not count as a one piece suit).
Tell me about your counselors?
They come from all over the US and several foreign countries and have previous experience working with children. They range in ages from 18 to 26 and the average age is 21.
How do you screen staff?
The Director or Program Director personally interviews each staff member. We also check references by phone and perform a criminal background check.
Are cell phones and other electronic devices allowed?
Because there is so much to do at Kingsley Pines, computers, TV, and video games are not a part of our program.

Campers are not permitted to have the following while at camp: cell phones;devices that can play or record video; devices that can connect to the Internet; televisions; DVD players; video cameras; any device that has any kind of video game or electronic game;, computers of any type; and eReaders.

Personal music players, that only play music, are permitted.
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