Our Amazing Staff

Our staff is in short, AMAZING. The best thing we can do for our campers is provide them with caring, attentive role models who are devoted to providing them with support they need to have a positive, life-changing camp experience. Watch video: Staff in their own words

What Makes Our Staff Different

  • A highly selective hiring process and thorough training program
  • The average age of our staff is 21. No Junior Counselors or CIT's!
  • A strong, postive staff culture focused on achieving our 5 goals
  • Campus Heads work with and support counselors to ensure that all campers are attended to
  • Round-table Morning Meetings help staff address and resolve camper issues effectively together as a community
Staff Selection 
We seek candidates that have prior experience working with children and that are very knowledgeable in the activities they will instruct. To be eligible to work at camp, staff must have at least completed one year of college or have graduated from high school the prior year.

Background Checks 
All staff, both year-round and seasonal, are subject to and must successfully pass a background check. 

Reference Checks 
Two reference checks are conducted on each staff member. We conduct nearly all of our reference checks over the phone. Speaking to a reference in-person allows us to ask more in-depth questions and in return, receive more thoughtful and meaningful responses to better acess an applicant's suitability. 

Staff Certifications 
We meet and exceed all staff certifications required by the American Camping Association. We require that all of our waterfront staff be lifeguard certified. There is also at least one staff member with CPR and First Aid available at or near all activity locations. Certain activity heads, such as those of archery or rockclimbing, etc., may be required to obtain activity-specific certifications. 

Staff attend a 7-day orientation before camp begins. Staff learn a large variety of skills, including but not limited to: how to identify and manage homesickness, mediate conflicts, prevent and address bullying, help campers make friends and improve their social skills, strategically work with and teach children, handle emergency situations and sensitive issues, prevent child abuse, and much more. 

Staff Goals 
We developed five specific goals to help staff understand that their job is to help their campers grow and develop. We believe by striving to meet these goals, we can to create a meaningful experience for both campers and staff. The goals are:
  • Camp is a life changing experience, where campers learn things about themselves they didn't know when they arrived - Independence, Responsibility, Group living skills, New activity skills, Decision making skills
  • No camper will "fall through the cracks." Each child is attended to while at camp.
  • Counselors have a positive impact on each camper, such that in 20 years each camper will remember his/her counselor's name and experience at camp.
  • Counselors are members of a supportive community and they rely on each other.
  • Each counselor realizes the effect their actions and behaviors have on the campers and that is reflected in the choices that they make.
Campus Heads 
We have two campus heads, one for girls and one for boys. Their sole duty is to focus on making sure that each camper is attended to and that counselors receive the advice and support they need to handle any issues occuring within their cabin. Whether it's managing homesickness or sorting out a misunderstanding, Campus Heads are present to help quickly resolve any issues and more importantly, prevent them. 

Morning Meetings 
Every morning, counselors gather as a group to meet with their respective campus head in a round-table format. Campus heads check-in with each counselor to see how things are going with their campers. Staff are then able to discuss any issues they've run into with campers and receive feedback and advice on how to resolve them. It is an incredible system of communication and support. Morning meetings ensure Campus Heads are kept fully apprised of what is going on with campers and staff so that they may serve them in the best possible manner. 
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