Parents Comments

Below are just a few of the things parents are saying about their child's positive experience at Kingsley Pines. Please contact our office if you would like to talk with a parent in your area, whose child attended Kingsley Pines. If you would like to read about our campers' experiences, please see our Camp Memories Page.

Kingsley Pines is a special place. If you're looking for a summer camp for your kids, you can't do better. 
(B.S. Hopkinton, MA)
I just wanted to thank you for making my son Jon's summer camp experience OUTSTANDING! You guys are "THE BEST!" One of the most rewarding things that Jon expressed was " It was just like the video, everyone was nice & friendly!" Thanks to all of you, Jon will be attending next year! It is said that Disney is the happiest place on earth, but it pales in comparison to Kingsley Pines! You are all so down to earth & particularly tender kind hearted people.

Your counselors are OUTSTANDING INDIDIVIDUALS! I am so impressed with the quality & attention given to Jon over the last three weeks! I appreciate your attention to each & every detail. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Jon's experience will stay with him the rest of his life. We appreciate the incredible job you do each & every day! I also noticed his level of confidence has increased as well. I couldn't be more thrilled!.
(S.D. Danvers, MA)

To know Kingsley Pines, is to love Kingsley Pines. Our boys have been attending camp at "KP" for many years now and absolutely love it. I was the "Nervous Nellie" mom who couldn't bear the thought of sending a child of mine to camp, until I met the owners, the Director and the staff and realized that sending your children to camp is giving them a gift of new friendships, new found independence, and opportunities for new experiences -- all in a picturesque, non-competitive, safe and caring environment. It was the best decision we ever made and one for which our children continually thank us (yes, they really do!) So, if you are thinking about a camp experience for your child, take a look at Kingsley Pines 
(L.C. Haddonfield, NJ)

I send my boys to Kingsley Pines camp in Maine in the summertime. Kingsley Pines has a great philosophy: Their goal is to make kids learn through their curiosity, while doing something new everyday with success. Kingsley Pines was a great experience for my boys that I couldn't duplicate as a single mother. 
(C.R. Scottsdale, AZ)
We picked our first-time camper up today. She was ready to come home. Two weeks was perfect, she said. She was so exhausted from so much fun that she said she wanted to sleep in the car, have soup when she got home, and then cry herself to sleep because: It was too long of a wait for next year's camp session and, How would she get by without all her great new friends, and, Her cabin counselors were so amazing... 

She never fell asleep the whole ride home. She talked and talked and talked and gushed about the most wonderful two weeks she ever had in her life. So of course she told us all about the fun, the pranks, the antics, the boring moments, the annoyances, the extra-special friends, the unending and very wet rain... 

But what was most impressive to us was how she described a group of campers that were genuinely fun, high energy, humorous without being cruel or humiliating, light-hearted and easy-going, and civil. This is something your camp should be immensely proud of and something you should continue to strive to cultivate. I hate to "beat a dead horse," but our culture is becoming more and more Uncivil through our obsession with reality TV shows that promote public humiliation as entertainment, add to this the increasingly acceptable use of vulgar language in casual company...etc., etc., and it's tough to find places where children are able to have lots of wild and crazy fun while also knowing that the adults in charge of them have high expectations for their behavior and their character. 

The bottom line was: "Kingsley Pines was so awesome! There aren't any rules! Everyone wants to play no matter what! Even in the mud and the rain!" That rocks...what is your secret? Could you teach it to our public schools? How do kids have such a great time without ever realizing their are rules? For our daughter, camp can't come soon enough one year from now. Your hard work on all fronts is apparent. Congratulations on creating forever touchstones in the lives of so many kids. It's something to be very proud of.
(T. B. Northborough, MA)
We can't wait for him to go next year. He was so thrilled with the whole experience and came home with more confidence, a deep joy from the whole experience.
(B. G. Waban, MA)
She gained confidence in her ability to function independently. She absolutely loved camp!
(C.F. Newton, MA)
She grew in confidence and self-esteem. Made important friendships.
(R. W. Rochester, NY)
The camp seems to attract very nice children. You don't hear of any mean-spirited children, nor children who form cliques or practice exclusion. 
(A. G. Boston, MA)
She tried things she never would have (at home) - ultimate frisbee, pottery, water skiing. The instruction must have been helpful and positive because she never mentioned being "stressed" or pushed into doing anything. 
(D. K. Newburyport, MA)
He comes home more confident and mature each summer. 
(G. L. Nashville, TN)
The best part was when she said "Mom, thank you so much for making the experience of camp a reality for me...I wish I was younger, so it could happen again and again!! It was the most wonderful experience I think I ever had, and I will remember it FOREVER!!!" As I turned out the light and walked out of her room, I felt a sense of warmth in my heart knowing that Kingsley Pines made such a wonderful impact on my daughter's life. The experiences she shared will be with her for a lifetime...she had a chance to be a real "child," and she embraced every moment of it!! Thank you for providing that life changing experience for Robin...and for me as well.
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