Staff Goals

We developed these goals to help staff understand that their job is to help their campers grow and develop. We believe by striving to meet these goals, we can to create a meaningful experience for both campers and staff. Everything we do is based on these goals:

  • Camp is a life changing experience, where campers learn things about themselves they didn't know when they arrived - Independence, Responsibility, Group living skills, New activity skills, Decision making skills

  • No camper will "fall through the cracks". Each child is attended to while at camp.

  • Counselors have a positive impact on each camper, such that in 20 years each camper will remember his/her counselor's name and experience at camp.

  • Counselors are members of a supportive community and they rely on each other.

  • Each counselor realizes the effect their actions and behaviors have on the campers and that is reflected in the choices that they make.